Radiation Solutions SR-10 Super-RIID
Next Generation Isotope Identifier

The SR-10 SUPER-RIID is the new instrument of choice for security applications requiring the detection and interception of nuclear materials and radioactive sources.

The unit is compact, rugged and light weight yet designed for easy joystick operation, even with gloves on.

Making the SR—10 Super-RIID the most sophisticated instrument on the market is the superior Nuclide ID for real time data. The Nuclide ID capability (NID) of the SR—10 utilises the latest technology of ultra—stable spectra, peak analysis and template matching to achieve an unprecedented level of identification.

The system features a fully digital high precision FPGA based linearized spectrometer with ultra-high throughput. This proprietary process significantly improves system Nuclide ID performance as well as ensuring standardization across multiple units. FPGA design permits very high throughput (250,000cps) with a typical increase of 20% in real signal over less sophisticated spectrometers.

Unique Features
  • Large Nal detector (6.3ci) for maximum sensitivity performance
  • The most advanced NUCLIDE ID available in a handheld unit
  • Integrated He3 detector for Neutron detection
  • Integrated GM tube for hi—dose rate protection
  • Full color display with automatic bright sunlight readable feature for maximum contrast in the field
  • Integrated GPS detector for location information
  • Special First Responder mode for easy link to REACHBACK for verification
  • Well balanced, easy—to—use unit with one—hand ”joy stick” operation, even with gloves—on
  • Wi—Fi and USB connectivity
  • 8 hour battery life — with fast—change battery pack for long life applications
  • Waterproof to IP55 and meets or exceeds all ANSI 42.34-2006 specifications
  • SR-10 Product Photo
  • NUCLIDE ID (NID) - by the use of peak analysis and multi-spectral templates, RSI has developed the most advanced NID capability in a small hand held unit.
  • AUTO-STABILIZATION - the SR-10 uses NO internal or external radioactive sources and utilizes the local NORM background for auto gain stabilization - resulting in no shipping restrictions with this unit.
  • DISPLAY - the large area COLOR display is very easy to read for users but most importantly when operated in bright sunlight - the display converts automatically to provide very high contrast readability.
  • MASS STORAGE - the SR-10 can be connected to any user's PC allowing for SR-10 data extraction using Windows Explorer.
  • FIRST RESPONDER - the SR-10 is uniquely setup for 1st Responder support which requires reference and background data as well as sample spectra to send to REACHBACK for support. The SR-10 provides this capability integrated into a single N.42 format file for easy REACHBACK support.
  • MICROPHONE - the integrated microphone allows the user to store audio messages with the data thus enhancing post mission analysis and avoids the use of pen/paper etc. that can be hard to correlate later.
  • GPS - the integrated GPS capability records data with location for simpler data analysis and map making.
  • JOYSTICK - easy to use joystick that enables users wearing gloves to easily operate the unit.
  • MEMORY - the unit has a huge data memory capability so most users utilize the AUTO-SAVE feature to ensure no data is lost as there is essentially unlimited data storage.
  • DATA OUTPUT - all data files that are specified by ANSI are formatted in the N.42 format making them easy to read on any software.
Technical data
Sodium—Iodide (Nal) = 2" x 2" (6.3Ci — 0.35L)
GM tube = 27.9mm x 7.82mm diam
He3 = active 63.5mm x 11.4mm diam = 6.51 cm3
Sodium-Iodide = 2,009cps/uSv/h
Neutron = 15cps/nV, 5.5cps/mrem/h
Fully DIGITAL high precision FPGA based linearized spectrometer 1024 channel Gamma spectral output
Dose rate range
Nal detector: 0 -100uGy/h, 0 -100uSv/h, 0 -10mR/h
GM tube = 0 —10mGy/h, 0 —10mSv/h, 0 —1R/h
11.25" long x 3.2" wide x 6.5" high
(286mm x 81 mm x 165mm)
5 lbs. (2.3Kgs) including batteries
Temp. range
-20 °C to +50 °C
Trans—reflective color display with BW mode for high sunlight operation
2.1 " x 2.8" (72 x 54mm) — 3.54"
90mm diagonal — 240 x 320 pixels
Visual: 4 high intensity LEDs for "instant" user alert
Audio: 28mm diam loudspeaker
Internal memory
5,000 NID records — in full N.42 compliant format
1,000 Notes as wav files
1,000 SEARCH records / 1,000 Stabilization records / 1,000 Alarm records / 1,000 System Log records
Integrated GPS for absolute timing and location data
USB 2.0 and Wi-Fi 802.1 1n connectivity for secure bi—level data transfer
Bluetooth capability for connection to external audio devices for covert audio
Software upgradeable via PC connection RiidAssist proprietary software supplied for parameter setup
N.42 viewer proprietary software supplied to view N.42 data files
Internal DETACHABLE battery pack — Li-Ion - 8 hrs. battery life
Additional ALKALINE (6 AA) battery pack with fast change
Full CE certification with EM protection to FCC (47 CFR part 15) for Class E certification
Dust and water resistant to IP55 and meets or exceeds all ANSI 42.34 specifications.

Manufacturer’s Product Brochure

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