Radiation Solutions RS-120 Super-SCINT
Hand Held Gamma-Ray Scintillometer

The RS-120 SUPER SCINT is a robust and portable hand-held radiation survey search device for a wide variety of industrial applications.

It offers an integrated design with a large detector for high sensitivity, a direct survey readout, audio output, full weather protection, and ease of use.

Due to the robust and versatile design, the RS-120 is equally suited for finding radioactive spill in the environment, scanning for lost sources in scrap metal or confirming radioactive content in waste.


The large NaI detector gives the user an extremely high level of system sensitivity. The wide energy range of the RS-120 makes it ideally suited for locating all types of gamma isotopes including medical, nuclear, industrial and NORM.

The large, easy-to-read five-digit front panel display updates at a one per second rate, including a scrolling histogram graph with the last 100 readings simplifying the source localization. The integrated audio scans at a 20/sec data rate providing unique audio feedback for eyes-free operation and fast source localisation.

The RS-120 special rugged design withstands typical field usage and is weatherproofing water and dust protection. The instrument’s protective boot provides extra protection when scanning through rough materials such as metal scrap or waste. It also provides for an easy carrying strap and could be quickly decontaminated or replaced when required.

  • RS-120 Handheld Isotope Identifier Product Photo
  • RS-120 Handheld Isotope Identifier Product Photo
  • Waste Recycling and Incineration plants
  • Scrap metal recycling
  • Security and surveillance operations
  • Hospitals
  • Customs and Border protection
  • Nuclear facilities
  • Research laboratories
  • Production facilities
  • High sensitivity with large 2.0 x 2.0 NaI crystal, 6.3 in3 (103 cm3)
  • Lightweight & rugged 4.4 lb (2 kg) including batteries
  • Easy to use, single button operation
  • Survey mode with search capability showing numeric display
  • Unique audio feedback for fast source localisation and eyes-free operation
  • 5-digit LCD display with scrolling histogram graph display of last 100 readings
  • Fast audio output with adjustable audio threshold set point
  • Special rugged design to withstand typical field usage weatherproofing water and dust protection
  • Supplied in hard case with molded insert for shipping & storage
  • Typical 8-12 hour battery life at 20°C (4 x AA batteries)
  • No radioactive sources required for proper operation

Manufacturer’s Product Brochure

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