We are a specialist supplier of the complete ranges of radiation detection equipment from Radiation Solutions Inc., Georadis s.r.o. and Tracerco Ltd.

Product Range

Radiation detection systems took a major step forward with the introduction of the outstanding new generation of equipment from Radiation Solutions, Georadis and Tracerco.


Radiation Solutions SR-10 Next Generation Isotope Identifier

Brand new hand held detector specially designed for First Responders.


Radiation Solutions Gate/Portal Detection Systems

Daxan and Radiation Solutions are pleased to enter into long term support relationships with customers to help solve their radiation detection needs.

Incorporating many advanced features, the Radiation Solutions portal detection systems are specially designed for difficult operating conditions where reliability and ease of use are of paramount importance.

These advanced technology systems offer a very high sensitivity performance with minimum false or nuisance alarms through advanced digital design and spectral analysis. The fully modular systems are easily configurable to suit local logistics and allow fast easy maintenance.

Integrated cameras, full networking capability plus enhanced detection of low energy sources such as Americium put the RS systems at the forefront of detection technology. Ethernet, USB/Serial connectivity enables all Radiation Solutions systems to be fully integrated in local plant networks and also allows remote service support and trouble shooting.

Every gate monitoring system from Radiation Solutions comes with a two year warranty.


Georadis Hand Held Detectors, Lab Spectrometer & Gamma-Ray

The extensive Georadis hand held detector range is hard to beat, being lightweight, sensitive and very easy to use. The hand held detectors range from simple search instruments to highly sensitive and responsive spectrometers for positive identification of radioactive isotopes.

Georadis also produces the very fine RT-50 laboratory spectrometer which is widely acknowledged as being one of the finest and easiest to use spectrometers currently available.

The Georadis RT-60 Gamma-Ray Well Logging System is a new addition to the family.


Tracerco Detectors

We supply a range of detectors: NORM Monitor-IS, T202, PED, T401, T402, T403, T406 and Mud Monitor.