Tracerco T403
Radiation Contamination Monitor

The Tracerco T403 is the ultimate lightweight, practical hand held monitor complete with a 10m probe cable to measure contamination levels on pipes and drains.

The monitor is robust and reliable. Coupled with its excellent lightweight design this makes it perfect for challenging environments.

In searching for oil and gas and processing minerals there is a risk of radioactive materials causing contamination.

A challenge for people working in these environments is monitoring the contamination to pipes and materials as part of their work.

  • T403 Product Photo
  • Reads peak measurement so you can measure radiation levels remotely
  • Detachable probe with 10 metres of cable and extension poles
  • Use in all weathers
  • Adjust your own alarms
  • Lightweight, making it easy to carry and manoeuvre
  • Easy to read bar graph display
  • Rotating probe 90° for internal surface measurements
  • Oil and gas
  • Mining
  • Environmental agencies
  • Robust weatherproof transit case
  • Extension pole kit
  • Transit bag for extension poles

Manufacturer’s Product Brochure

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