NORM Monitor-IS

The Tracerco NORM Monitor-IS is an intrinsically safe, weatherproof monitor with dual probe capability - the ultimate tool for obtaining accurate NORM Measurements in hazardous areas or difficult conditions.

The Tracerco NORM Monitor-IS allows users to monitor wet and dry NORM in a variety of situations. Its unique, intrinsically safe design incorporates different probe options to make it the optimum measurement tool.

  • Intrinsically safe
  • Easy to clean and decontaminate
  • Rugged, shock proof casing for use in all weather conditions
  • Digital display and live background subtraction
  • Multiple measurement modes
  • Bq/cm2 output for NORM Isotopes
  • Adjustable alarm thresholds
  • NORM Product Photo
  • NORM Product Photo

The NORM Monitor-IS Handset is available to purchase with a Scintillator Probe, a GM Probe, or Dual Probes as the NORM Monitor Kit.

NORM Monitor-IS KIT - Handset with dual interchangeable probes, supplied in a transit case complete with carrying harness.

NORM Monitor-IS GM - configured for one-handed operation with removable GM Probe (replacement for the award winning Tracerco T201 Contamination Monitor).

NORM Monitor-IS SCINT - Handset and Scintillator Probe supplied in a transit case complete with carrying harness.

Both probes have built in calibration data, so they can also be purchased separately and calibrated without the handset.

Scintillator Probe
  • Robust and suitable for use in challenging conditions
  • The ability to undertake surveys of external walls for internal deposits of NORM*
  • The ability to measure NORM in low diameter tubular internals (360 degree response)

* Subject to wall thickness of pipe

GM Probe
  • Perfect for alpha and beta measurement
  • High sensitivity to Lead-210 NORM
  • Rotating Probe head for surface measurements

Manufacturer’s Product Brochure

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