Mud Monitor

If you are using radioactive sources to log reservoir properties the Tracerco Mud Monitor is for you.

The Tracerco Mud Monitor has been designed as intrinsically safe, imperative when drilling for oil.

Do not risk radiation exposure; use the Tracerco Mud Monitor to be sure your drill bit has not damaged your radioactive source and caused contamination. All major drilling companies are using this to make sure safe working conditions are maintained.

  • Mud Monitor Product Photo
  • Robust water resistant design so it can be used in many different environments
  • Powerful magnetic clamp making it easy yet robust to fix to the outside of a mud circulation system
  • Intrinsically safe so no need for a hot work permit =
  • Unaffected by hostile processes
  • Continuous background radiation measurement with a very clear alarm if it detects an increase in background radiation
  • The monitor is flexible in that it can be integrated into your DCS or SCADA system or used as a stand-alone unit
  • Alarm system lets you know if the detector is failing

Manufacturer’s Product Brochure

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