Georadis RT-60
Gamma-Ray Well Logging System

The RT-60 ‘The Mole’ is the best solution for borehole gamma-ray measurements and natural radioisotopes assay. The instrument is optimised for fast borehole scanning thanks to its large size gamma detector.

The main application for the RT-60 is spectral gamma logging and assaying in blast holes, which in most cases are less then 25m deep. Other applications include exploration boreholes and wells. The standard reel holds up to 50m cable. The depth capacity can be extended on special request to 200m by using a longer cable and a different winch.

Typical users are geologists and geophysicists at mining and exploration companies, universities and geological surveys. The RT-60 also attracts environmental and geotechnical consultants, active with radon risk assessments or classifying rocks used for building purposes. Furthermore, RT-60 can be used to check for radioactive contamination, often Ra-226, in petrochemical piping, in water wells or in sewage systems such as those used in chemical waste dumps.

RT-60 utilises a 1024 channel gamma-ray spectrometer with build in continuous analysis. It also uses an advanced method of automatic stabilisation on natural background radiation throughout its operation. This unique stabilisation method eliminates the need for an additional radioactive check source.

A user interface is provided through any suitable PC or Laptop using the software package as provided with the instrument. This software ensures the on-line communication with the spectrometer, logs the data into the PC and assists the user to set-up the operational parameters.

  • RT-60 Product Photo
  • RT-60 Product Photo
  • RT-60 Product Photo

RT-60 has an integrated BGO (Bismuth Germanium Oxide) gamma-ray detector with a dimension of 30 x 30mm. In addition to this detector, the unit houses a complete 1024 channel gamma-ray spectrometer with self contained power management. The detector and electronics are well protected by the RT-60 internal shielding and shock absorption. The rugged housing is made from 2.5 mm thick aluminium and allows the attachment of an extra hoist cable when required.

The built in electronics module is powered from a standard USB port. Data is transferred from the detector pod by a multi-core cable with stainless steel armoured mantle. The cable is wound on a special drum mounted on a robust tripod. With exception of the tripod, all components are delivered in a singe suitcase for easy transport and storage.

  • High sensitivity using a BGO Detector
  • 1024 Channel linear energy converter
  • Automatic stabilization on natural background
  • Standard 25 meter armoured cable
  • USB connection to computer

Manufacturer’s Product Brochure

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