Georadis RT-50
Laboratory Gamma-Ray Spectrometer

RT-50 with LabCenter has been specifically designed to monitor and detect the presence of radiation in metals, metals by-products, geological samples, construction materials, environmental commodities and many other materials.

Floor standing and easy to operate, the specially designed RT-50 gamma spectrum analyser is an indispensable part of any analytical laboratory. As an integral part of your laboratory analysis the RT-50 will readily detect and accurately measure extremely low levels of radioactive contamination.

New and sophisticated methods of spectrum evaluation allow a high sensitivity precision measurement and a complete analysis in less than 5 minutes. The spectrum is displayed once it is accumulated. The final accuracy of the measurement is as low as 0.02 Bq/g ( 60Co ). Analysis data is viewed on screen, printed (as required), and automatically archived together with all sample information to provide a complete log. All data is accessible for transfer to an external network as needed.

The RT-50 system assembly comprises three distinct components:

  • The multichannel gamma-ray spectrum analyser (MCA) in a high density shielding floor standing cabinet
  • A dedicated PC running LabCentre software
  • Scale and a set of calibration standards

At the heart of the system, the MCA is a highly reliable self contained 1024 channel pulse amplitude analyser featuring a high performance Sodium Iodide (thallium doted) NaI (TI) scintillation crystal. Internal digital processing performs real time energy linearization which means fully linear final spectrum. The sophisticated, heavily shielded, lid construction allows smooth and low force access to the easy to clean sample container. The stable cabinet design features heavy internal lead or steel (optional) shielding elements to maximise equipment sensitivity.

  • RT-50 Product Photo
  • RT-50 Product Photo
  • RT-50 Product Photo
  • Fast monitoring of metal, slag and dust radioactive contamination
  • Applicable in steel, scrap and other metal industry
  • Measurement of natural radioisotopes concentration applicable in geology and geophysics
  • Routine monitoring of environment

The MCA is controlled by LabCentre software preloaded in the PC. LabCentre is a multiplatform programme (Windows, Linux) which covers calibration, sample measurement and results archiving. An open source SQL database makes the integration of all data into the customer’s own systems easier and faster.

LabCentre simplifies user input of sample descriptors and output protocols. Different evaluation methods from simple total count to background count comparisons or a complex multicomponent analysis can be chosen by the user. Optimised calibration and premeasured standards from the internal library eliminates long calibration procedures.

With the RT-50 you get high quality data and reliability having completely analysed your sample right in your laboratory.

  • Sensitivity: Accurately measure the radioactivity in a given sample. Measurement sensitivity 0.02 Bq/g
  • Multichannel Analyser: Self contained 1024 channel pulse amplitude analyser utilising a high sensitivity NaI(TI) scintillator)
  • Speed: Full sample analysis in only 5 mins
  • Ease of use: With little training the operator can use the graphic menu driven interface to input sample data and measure results quickly and efficiently.
  • Calibration: Optimised calibration eliminates long calibration times.
  • Integration: All data stored in multiplatform open source SQL database to allow easy integration into customer’s own systems.
  • Analysis Data: May be viewed, printed, archived or transferred to a network.

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